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MF Hire and Sales located at Highmeres Road in Thurmaston Leicester are a stockist of a wide range of Duro Diamond Cutting Blades suitable for fitment to powered construction and landscaping equipment.
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Looking to buy a dust suppression tank for use with your Stihl saw, Husqvarna, Makita, or Partner petrol engined stone cutting saw?

Take a look at the Duro Water Dust Suppression Tank / Bottle Kit
Save Money with MF Hire On Duro Diamond Cutting Blades
If you are a user of construction or landscaping equipment and regularly use an angle grinder or petrol saw for the cutting of asphalt, bricks, blocks, concrete, masonry, or general building materials, consider using your tool fitted with a duro diamond blade.
High Quality
Duro diamond cutting blades are made to a very high standard having been developed and tested to provide strong cutting performance with a good service life.
Unlike cheaply manufactured alternatives you will find Duro Diamond products offer affordability, robustness, safety, and good value for money as far as diamond blades goes!
Application - Size Range
All popular disc sizes are available for fitment to angle grinders, petrol saws, disc cutters, and mortar raking tools. Please ask our staff for further advice and help.  
Buy Locally From MF Hire
The range of Duro Diamond cutting blades and discs are available to buy at competitive prices (amongst the cheapest you will find) from our tool hire and sales outlet located at Highmeres Road in Thurmaston, Leicester.
For a free quote or to buy please contact us:
Telephone (0116) 2763807
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Dust Suppression Tank
Code No: DT91134
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Duro Base Diamond Cutting Blade
Duro Standard Diamond Cutting Blade From MF Hire Leicester
Duro Plus Diamond Cutting Blades From MF Hire In Leicester
Buy Duro Diamond Blades At Amongst The Cheapest Price From MF Hire Leicester
Duro Diamond Cutting Blades From MF Hire In Leicester
Duro Ultra Cutting Blades From MF Hire In Leicester
Duro Base Range

A range of diamond cutting blades that offer great value for money at a low price point.

If your looking for a cheaper option of diamond blade for your angle grinder or petrol saw, take a look at the Duro Base Diamond Blades from MF Hire Leicester!
Duro Standard Range

Giving a good all-round cutting performance and service life, and available now to buy at a competitive price from MF Hire, the “standard” range from Duro Diamond offers a high quality blade for cutting concrete and most general construction materials.
Duro Plus Range

Designed and manufactured for fast cutting performance and a long service life, the Duro Ultra range of diamond blades is aimed at the builder or landscaper that recognises performance over price!
Duro Ultra Range

The Ultra range features forged technology coupled with laser welding. Available in a choice of fitment sizes this range of blade is the ideal choice for fitment to your angle grinder, disc cutter, or Stihl saw.
Save Money On Duro Diamond blades - Call MF Hire In Leicester: Tel 0116 2763807
Duro Water Dust Suppression Tank
Wacker Plate Hire
Do You Buy Diamond Blades or Discs?

If you are a user or purchaser of diamond cutting blades or discs contact us now for our latest prices on the range from Duro Diamond!


Perhaps you are an existing user of a blade or disc manufactured by Black Diamond, Bosch, Dewalt, Erbauer, Eterna, Evolution, Faithfull, Makita, Marcrist, Mexco, Norton, Silverline,  Techniadiamant, or similar......

If so consider changing your brand to DURO!

For more details contact our Leicester Outlet:

Tel: (0116) 2763807


Popular Sizes Of Blade / Disc

Metric Size

115 mm x 22.2 mm
125 mm x 22.2 mm
230 mm x 22.2 mm
300 mm x 20.0 mm
350 mm x 20.0 mm
350 mm x 25.4 mm
450 mm x 25.4 mm
500 mm x 25.4 mm
600 mm x 25.4 mm

Imperial Size


Blade / Disc Model Codes

DSBM   - Base
DUC     - Standard
DPUC   - Plus
DUUC   - Ultra
DCM     - Construction Std
DPCM   - Construction Plus
DUSCM SHOXX  - Conical  


Mortar Raking Blades / Cores

Diamond Mortar Raker’s are available in the Base, Standard, and Plus ranges.

In addition Duro manufacture three (3) sizes of raking cores in 6.5mm, 8.0mm, and 10.0mm sizes.

Mortar Raking Codes

DSM  - Base
DM    - Standard
DPM  - Plus


Need It Delivering?

Using our own transport we offer a local delivery service within Leicester as well as Loughborough, Market Harborough, and Peterborough.

Mail Order Service

We also offer a fast delivery service for mail order customers Nationwide within the UK

Please Call For Details

Tel: (0116) 2763807
Duro Rippa Blade
Carbide Rippa Blade
Need a multi purpose saw blade?

The Rippa Blade has been designed for use on angle grinders and petrol driven saws. This particular blade can also be used dry or wet and is bi-directional.

Typical Applications

Abrasive blocks, tree roots, wooden boards and planks, fence panels and posts, wooden decking, plastic, thin sheet metal, nails, screws, fixings, tar and groundwork.