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Concrete Mixers To Hire
MF Hire and Sales located at Highmeres Road in Thurmaston Leicester are a local supplier of concrete mixers to hire.
Whether you are looking to hire a concrete mixer for a small, medium, or a large building project you can enjoy the best local prices as well as a fast delivery service throughout the whole of Leicester.
Contact MF Hire On:
Telephone: (0116) 2763807

Event Furniture Hire
If you are arranging a local event and are looking for a supplier of furniture to hire contact Youcan Hire.
With one of the largest ranges of furniture available in the UK you can choose from traditional wooden banquet chairs, metal framed conference type chairs, aluminium cafe style seats, and folding chairs that are ideal for both indoor and outdoor events including sports days, charity fund raising events, agricultural shows, craft fairs, antique fairs, party hire, shows, and for general seating use at small, medium, and large sized corporate events.
For conferences and weddings select banquet chairs in gold, silver, or limewashed colour finishes.   
In addition to chair hire a large range of trestle type tables can be rented with popular shapes and sizes available in round, square, and rectangular shapes. These are ideal for both corporate and private events and are also ideal for functions held indoors or outdoors such as in a marquee venue.
For more information contact Youcan Hire on:
Telephone: (01246) 435703

Limo Hire In Leicester
If you are looking to hire a limo locally in Leicester you have come to the right place.
Find local limo hire Leicester and save money over other companies.
Choose a stretched limousine for your special event, party, or any other celebration occasion from Chrysler 300’s, Lincoln Continentals, Hummer Jeeps, Mercedes Benz, Jaguars, and many more luxury cars.
A limo is the perfect answer to adding that extra touch to a celebration or special event such as a anniversary party, birthday celebration, school leaving event, graduation function, hen or stag night, divorce party, and of course for weddings.
Whilst a limo is not the cheapest car you can hire, a stretched limousine can make any event or day extra special!   
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Fresno Broom
Wacker Plate Hire
Dewalt DCD925 Combi Drill
Wacker Plate Hire Leicester
Fresno Broom
Easy Float
Easy Float
Cheapest Stihl Saws In Leicester - TS410 and TS410A
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Chair Hire

Hire Furniture for your local event, party, or function in Leicester

Banquet style chairs, garden chairs, folding seats, trestle tables.
Trestle Table Hire
Trestle Table Hire

Hire Folding Trestle Tables for your local event, party, or function in Leicester.

Round, square, rectangular tables available now!
Local Skip Hire
Rubbish Skip Hire
Skip Hire Leicester

Find The Equipment You Need To Hire

Equipment and tool hire in Leicester is relatively easy to obtain providing you know where to find it...

Access Equipment

If you are working at heights then MF Hire can provide a variety of hire equipment. From alloy towers and ladders to trestles, podium steps, and Youngman boards. We have large stocks of easy to assemble non-powered access equipment to suit your needs.

Hoses and Pumps

MF Hire can supply you with a pump to rent for many different applications. Whether you’re on a building site, emptying a pool, or pumping out a flooded basement in your property - we have the tools for every job.

Stone Cutting

MF Hire stocks an extensive range of masonary cutting equipment including diamond tile saws, floor saws, and petrol disc cutters. Whether you are laying tiles or slabs, cutting a concrete floor, or just splitting blocks we can help you. We also sell petrol engined stone cutting saws from Husqvarna, Makita, and Stihl.

Drying and Heating

Whether you need portable heating or a dehumidifier - then MF Hire in Leicester can help.

We stock a wide range of portable heating solutions to suit your individual needs.

Heaters range from cabinet and fan heaters to Infra red and larger propane fired blower space heaters. Need to dry out a damp room in your property? then our range of dehumidifiers start small enough to fit into your car boot through to larger site dehumidifiers for commercial buildings and properties.

Contact MF Hire

Tel: 0116 2763807

An access tower allows you or your staff a safer way of working at heights than when using a traditional pair of steps or an extension ladder.


With a safety guard rail around the towers platform, and a set of safety toe boards and outrigger stabilisers supplied as standard with each hire of an access tower - it is easy to see why a great number of customers and contractors choose MF Hire (Sheffield) when the need comes to arrange local alloy access tower hire Sheffield!


All industry standard sizes of alloy scaffold towers are available including double width and single width towers. All models feature a built-in ladder frame for easy scaling and access, and with options for the working platform height needed.


When you choose to hire a scaffold tower in Sheffield you are assured of a fast delivery service within Sheffield as well as to other nearby local areas. This includes the towns of Bakewell, Chesterfield, Dinnington, and Dronfield.


Contact Information:


MF Hire (Sheffield) - Telephone: (0114) 2750431   


Access Tower Hire in Sheffield

An electric floor grinder is a specialist machine that allows you to remove imperfections including scrapes, marks, and ridges from concrete floors. It is used in and outside commercial properties and especially in warehouses, storage areas, workshops, and concrete floor areas in factories.


The machine that MF (Sheffield) provides is an electric floor grinder that is available with a choice of different fittings dependant on the particular job that needs carrying out. When you choose the rental of a floor grinder you can opt to include diamond faced grinding discs, carborundum blocks, or heavy duty wire brush blocks. The two first options are used for grinding imperfections out of an area of flooring where as the heavy duty wire brush blocks are used for the job of deep cleaning.


Frequently asked questions:


Is the floor grinding machine available for just a single days hire?

Yes, you can obtain the rental of one of these machines for just a single day, several days, or for weekly hire periods to suit your own needs.

Are the fitments supplied as a consumable sale item?

The carborundum grinding blocks and wire brush blocks are sold as a consumable item on a use or return basis. The diamond faced disc is charged with a small “wear charge” and is not a sale item.

Do you provide a RCD safety device with floor grinder hire Sheffield?

Yes, as with all of the electrical items that MF Hire provides, a RCD (circuit breaker) is supplied with this product.

Are you competitive on price with this item?

Yes, we believe we offer the cheapest rates locally in Sheffield for the rental of one of these machines.


Contact Information:


MF Hire (Sheffield) - Telephone: (0114) 2750431  

Floor Grinder Hire in Sheffield